im blue
da ba dee da ba die

Input text: there is a 1st blue leg. a very small marble is to the left of the leg. a 2nd blue leg is to the left of the marble. 1 1st blue eye is above the 1st leg. a 2nd blue eye is above the 2nd leg. a blue mouth is 0.9 foot above the marble. a very small blue blob is behind the mouth. the blob is 5 feet in the ground. the ground is silver. the sun is blue. the camera light is pink.
Tags:  ##HD  #totwfeelingblue 
Views: 258
Effects: Saturation
Attributions: blob, slime,... by opalduck
watcher570  (2/8/2019) 
lespaulguy  (2/8/2019) 
Very watchful!
nheiges  (2/8/2019) 
ol' blue eyes
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