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a shiny vase.the vase is 100 feet deep.the vase is 25 feet wide.the vase is 30 feet tall.the vase is wood.a 3 feet tall man is -29.8 feet above the vase.a 50 feet tall silver sphere is 5 feet in front of the man.it is 5 feet in the ground.a shiny animal is 2 feet behind the man.a rust light is above the animal.a blue light is 2 feet left of the man.a 3 feet tall woman is 3 feet in front of the man.she is facing the man.a 25% yellow light is behind the woman.a 1st 2 feet tall table is 1 feet left of the woman.a 2nd 2 feet tall table is 1 feet right of the woman.it is facing left.
Sharpen, Contrast
Scene credits:
table (Vignette)
KAWE (2019) 
you can see that :-)
nheiges (2019) 
it may be too late for both of them!
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