Input text: a 4 foot tall white statue. sky is oyster gray. ground is invisible. a flat 2.4 foot tall and 20 foot wide silver cube is -.5 foot in front of the statue. a 3 foot wide white horse is 9 feet in front of the statue. it faces the northeast. camera light is black. a marble is 10 feet in front of and 2 foot right of the statue. the statue faces the marble. a 4.55 foot tall flat willow is in front of and -10.2 feet left of the cube. a 3 foot tall flat tree is in front of and -10 feet right of the cube.
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watcher570  (2/10/2019) 
good one!
KAWE  (2/10/2019) 
opalduck  (2/10/2019) 
a good boy!
hedgehog1965  (2/13/2019) 
A faithful 4-legged friend :-)
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