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Input text: fantasy backdrop.a man.a woman is 20 feet in front of the man.the woman is facing right.a giant armadillo is 5 feet left of the man.it is 2 feet behind the man.the man's visor is shiny.the camera light is black.a cream light is 1 feet right of the woman.a blue light is above the armadillo.a rust light is right of the man.a dwarf palm is 1 feet behind the armadillo.it is left of the armadillo.a lime light is above the dwarf palm.
Tags:  ##HD 
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Effects: Sharpen, Contrast
KAWE  (2/20/2019) 
very nice image, good or bad dreams?
boneybird  (2/20/2019) 
love that!
nheiges  (2/20/2019) 
so nice! really an appealing image
hedgehog1965  (2/21/2019) 
Well put together
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