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Dark Nights
I worked with Illuminators, I really like them. I guess I'll combine them with mirrors soon. (I've added the totw hashtag because... Maybe the picture has something to do with it. I don't know...)

Input text: 
It is night. The big house is on the ground. The very huge moon is 10 feet above the house. It is 30 feet to the left of the house. There is a big white illuminator in front of the moon. The camera light is white. There are three huge dark grey shiny mountains 500 feet behind the house. There is a big man 35 feet above the ground. He is facing southwest. The man is -10 feet to the left of the house. There is a big white illuminator above the man.
Normalize, Contrast, Contrast, Contrast, Contrast
Scene credits:
mountain (Vignette)
Warriorcat303 (2019) 
Oh, I tried out some effects but somehow I just couldn't undo the Contrast effect... xD
So it's still applied - multiple times. I think the picture looks even better with those effects.
KAWE (2019) 
if you cannot undo an effect you have to newly open scene and than display, and than save and continue, in that way all effects disappear
watcher570 (2019) 
Warriorcat303 (2019) 
Thank you, KAWE! :)
I think it looks better with effects...
nheiges (2019) 
nice atmosphere!
lespaulguy (2019) 
A few minutes later

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