Input text: Ground is [sand]. A big picture frame is -1.5 inch above ground. Picture frame's frame is 20% reflective [black]. Picture frame's picture is 1 foot wide [texture]. Picture frame is leaning 32 degrees to front. 2 foot wide python is -1.58 foot in front of picture frame's frame and 1.2 feet above ground.. Python is facing down. Python is leaning 90 degrees to ground. Python is -1.5 feet to left. 2.4 foot long 20% reflective black ak 47 is -13 inch right of python and -0.5 inch above ground. ak 47 is leaning 40 degrees to back. ak 47 is facing right. shiny black car is 1.5 foot left of picture frame and 3 foot to back. 3 foot wide [texture] lake is 3.15 feet in picture frame. 15 foot tall pyramid is 30 feet behind picture frame and -3 foot to right. pyramid is facing southwest. pyramid is 4 foot wide [tile]. balloon is 0.2 foot right of picture frame and 2 foot to back. balloon is 1 foot above ground. balloon is 1 foot wide [gg]. sun is tangerine orange. delft blue light is left of picture frame. lavender light is right of ak 47.
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nheiges  (3/6/2019) 
great composition
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