accompanied loneliness

Input text: There is a white man. There is a 1st white sphere. The 1st sphere is 1.3 feet tall. a marble Is 4 inches in front of the man. The 1st sphere is 2.8 feet above the marble. a large white light is to the right of the man. the 1st sphere is 0.1 centimeters behind the marble. A 2nd white sphere is 1 inch tall. The 2nd sphere is 3.3 feet above the marble. a pink light is behind the man. It is night. The camera light is pink. An orange light is to the left of the man.
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nheiges  (3/15/2019) 
Wow, really well done!
lespaulguy  (3/15/2019) 
Striking image
KAWE  (3/15/2019) 
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