Can someone tell me how to

Input text: there is a humanoid. the humanoid is in front of the small "not knowing how to change profile pic". the tiny "me" is in front of the humanoid
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Nanook  (3/16/2019) 
@THEGRIP if you go to your 'My Page' (under your username at the top of the screen) then click on 'Account Settings' then you can click on 'Change' under your profile pic and it will give you options to change it. :-)
Nanook  (3/16/2019) 
ooops, didn't see the previous scene, seems @nheiges already answered your query. Did you manage to save it yet?
THEGRIP  (3/19/2019) 
@nanook nope
THEGRIP  (3/19/2019) 
oh wait shit it changed
Nanook  (3/20/2019) 
oh good to hear it :-)
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