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Clock is 500 feet above ground. Clock's base is turquoise. Ground is 20 feet wide grass. A white light is in front of clock. Big unreflective white hand is 1 inch in front of clock and -4 inch to left. Hand is -8 inch below clock. Hand is facing north. Hand is leaning 90 degrees to right. blue circle is 1 foot behind clock and 501 feet above ground. Circle is 1 foot to left. Circle is facing up. Big first yellow rectangle is 1 foot behind clock and 498 feet above ground. Rectangle is 1 foot to right. Rectangle is facing up. Second rectangle is 0.23 foot tall and 1.98 foot wide and 0.01 feet deep. Second rectangle is 1 inch in front of hand. Second rectangle is 499.4 feet above ground and -0.8 feet to right. rectangle is 0.25 foot tall [sr]. rectangle is leaning 1.5 degree to right. 0.5 foot tall ear is in front of first rectangle and -0.5 foot to left. ear is 499.4 feet above ground. 0.35 foot tall purple music note is in front of ear. 0.5 foot wide palette is in front of first rectangle and 498.75 feet above ground. palette is -0.56 foot to left. palette is facing down. palette's board is golden brown. 0.6 foot tall globe is in front of circle and -0.75 foot to right. globe is 501.25 feet above ground. big gold lock is 1 foot behind clock and 1 foot to right. lock is 501.1 feet above ground. lock is facing southwest. small yellow star is behind lock and 501 feet above ground. star is -0.65 feet to right. Tiny shiny white "Welcome!" is 0.5 foot above clock and 1.6 foot to back. "Welcome!" is -1.4 foot to left. "Welcome!" is leaning 1 degree to left.
Scene credits:
nheiges (2019) 
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