Summertime, and the livin' is easy
The fish are jumpin' and the cotton is high

Input text: 1st cotton is -.1 feet above the ground. shadow plane. 2nd cotton is -2 feet in front of and -2 feet left of the 1st cotton. 3rd cotton is 1 feet behind and -2 feet right of the 1st cotton. 4th cotton is -2 feet left of and 1 feet behind the 2nd cotton. the ground is 5 feet tall [field]. the sky is black. a large orange point light is on the 1st cotton. 1st large shiny catfish is 2 feet in front of and -2.5 feet left of and -1.2 feet above the 1st cotton. it faces southwest. it leans 30 degrees to the southeast.a coral point light is on the catfish. a large lavender point light is on the 4th cotton. 2nd large shiny catfish is -.9 feet right of and -.8 feet above and .6 feet behind the 1st faces northwest. it leans 33 degrees to the northwest. a 5 inch tall man is -1.56 feet above the 1st catfish.he leans 45 degrees to the front. he faces southwest. a cyan light is -2 inch above and 2 inch in front of the 2nd catfish. a red copper point light is on the man. the ambient light is sage green.
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nheiges  (4/10/2019) 
Absolutely gorgeous!
zamchick  (4/10/2019) 
watcher570  (4/11/2019) 
Nanook  (4/11/2019) 
Thanks :-)
hedgehog1965  (4/15/2019) 
KAWE  (4/15/2019) 
Nanook  (4/15/2019) 
thanks again ;-0
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