Living On Cloud Nine

Input text: a shiny cloud is 14 feet above the ground. the cloud is clear white. a pond blue light is on the cloud. a iceland blue light is in front of the cloud. a fjord blue light is behind the cloud. a coral light is below the cloud. the sun's azimuth is 80 degrees. the sun's altitude is 37 degrees. the sun is cobalt blue. a tiny man is -2.6 feet in front of and -.83 feet above the cloud. he leans back. he faces back. the camera light is black. the ground is [field]. a purple light is on the man.
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Attributions: Getty Images, cloud by Nanook
watcher570  (4/13/2019) 
very cool!
hedgehog1965  (4/13/2019) 
Great cloud
KAWE  (4/13/2019) 
funny idea to make a cloud from carliflowers :-)
nheiges  (4/13/2019) 
so creative!
Nanook  (4/13/2019) 
thanks y'all, I had fun playing around with this one.Seems you can do more than just eat cauliflowers :-DDD
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