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Cool Unicorn

Input text: 
A Leopard skin unicorn. A African elephant is one Meter of the right side from the unicorn. [leopard skin]
151 (Created on: IOS)
Nanook  (2019) 

Hi @Gummibaer180 I made a couple of changes to your text to show you what you were looking for I think. If you bracket the description of the texture you wanted on the unicorn it gives you the [leopard skin]. If you just said [skin] it will give you a skin texture but you can click on the picture at the right under 'scene images' and it will give you a selection of skin textures you can use. The We vocabulary didn't understand your positioning of the elephant. It just needed a little simplification. You can click on the scene I just did and it will show you how I phrased the position. P.S. I love your unicorn :-)
boneybird  (2019)