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Input text: THE WHITE BACKDROP. a white couch. 20 foot wide powder pink wall is behind couch. 20 foot wide lilac window is left of couch. window is facing couch. huge calla lily is right of couch. calla lily's vase is powder blue. painting is 1 foot above couch and -1.1 inch to back. painting's frame is powder pink. desk is 2 foot in front of couch. desk's base is white. desk's surface is clear. desk is 1.5 feet tall and 7 feet wide. big shiny pink rotary telephone is -0.01 inch above table. rotary telephone is facing back. rotary telephone is -2 foot to right. big compound object is 2.5 foot left of rotary telephone. compound object is facing back. compound object's ashtray is shiny delft blue. compound object's body is white.
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