Animal Shelter

Input text: image-14358 cushion is on a sofa. ground is [rug]. 70% dark [mud] wall behind the sofa. A bird is left of and -1.55 foot above and -8 inch in front of the cushion. It is facing southeast. A wide table is right of and -2 foot in front of the sofa. A large glass bowl is on and -1 foot left of the table. A pear is in the bowl. A 50% dark apple is behind the pear. A banana is right of the apple. A small 50% dark [horse] frame is 1 foot right of the bowl. It is facing southwest. The frame of the frame is shiny black. A pink light is above the cushion. The sun is black. A rodent is in front of and left of the table. It is facing west. A small log is -4 inch in front of and -2 inch left of the rodent. It is leaning 90 degrees to the left. It is facing northeast. Camera light is brown. A cream light is 5 feet above the table. A mouse is left of the frame.
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Effects: Contrast, Brightness, Cracked paint, Color-emboss
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Nanook  (4/18/2019) 
Lovely, such a calm environment :-)
nheiges  (4/18/2019) 
Very nice interior decor!
watcher570  (4/19/2019) 
hedgehog1965  (4/21/2019) 
Thanks all!
coyne  (4/21/2019) 
great lighting!
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