lab week
it's national medical laboratory week!

Input text: sc4. 0.4 foot wide powder blue circle is -5 inch above sc4's magnifying glass and -19 inch to left. circle is 7 inch to back. circle is facing down. [abstract] backdrop. 0.42 foot long syringe is 5.5 inch in front of sc4's flask and 2.3 feet above ground. syringe is -7.5 inch to left. syringe is leaning 50 degrees to ground. 0.7 inch long shiny maroon bulb syringe is -0.5 inch right of syringe and 2.24 feet above ground. Camera light is black. lavender light is in front of sc4. lemon light is 1 inch above lavender light. powder blue light is above sc4. Light is 0.5 foot to front. 0.6 foot wide atom is 5 inch behind sc4's flask and -12.5 inch to left . atom is 2.2 feet above ground. sc4's microscope is 30% reflective.
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watcher570  (4/23/2019) 
good one!
nheiges  (4/23/2019) 
great! my husband worked in a biology research lab for years :-)
KAWE  (4/23/2019) 
Nanook  (4/23/2019) 
Well done !!
boneybird  (4/23/2019) 
hedgehog1965  (4/24/2019) 
Very nicely put together
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