Input text: the large lion is on top of a big and wide cliff. in front of the lion is a big baboon. on top of the baboon is a big cub. on the left side of the cliff there are 10 zebras. on the left of the zebras there are 12 elephants. in front of the elephants there are 8 rhinos. the rhinos are facing the cliff.the elephants are facing the cliff. in front of the rhinos there are 12 giraffes. the giraffes are facing the cliff. the zebras are facing the cliff.
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Attributions: rock,stone,cli... by jarble
Nanook  (4/30/2019) 
this is a great scene the only thing missing is a title.....BTW welcome :-)
watcher570  (5/1/2019) 
great start!
nheiges  (5/1/2019) 
very nice and interesting scene!
KAWE  (5/1/2019) 
nice "firsty"
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