Vignette thread challenge
Add a vignette to change the scene and collaborate in it's completion :-)

Input text: food is -.2 inch above and -1.6 feet right of a table. a orange point light is on the food.
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Attributions: food by jarble
Nanook  (5/3/2019) 
along with your vignette add on, lighting and other additions can be added. Let's have fun and see what comes of it :-)
boneybird  (5/3/2019) 

watcher570  (5/4/2019) 

nheiges  (5/4/2019) 
This is something to look forward to a little later today when I have a minute :-) Great start, everyone!
nheiges  (5/4/2019) 

lespaulguy  (5/4/2019) 

Nanook  (5/4/2019) 

nheiges  (5/5/2019) 
Enjoying the show!

zamchick  (5/5/2019) 
Too Real

hmm...scene is hitting some kind of limit and is too big to add something to. So I made it a backdrop and added my new "Chomp" vignette. But the Chomp vignette had a positioning issue with the devoured guy. Will have to look at that.
nheiges  (5/5/2019) 
Haha - love the latest addition!
Nanook  (5/5/2019) 
And Cut!!

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