The Wrong Trousers

Input text: A chair is next to a small texture table. A long [dirt] wall is behind the chair. ground is [rug]. A 30% dark door is right of and behind the table. Camera light is black. A light is 5 feet above the chair. A painting is 2 feet left of and -2 feet above the door. A cup is on the table. A 3 feet high dog is left of and in front of the chair. An invisible penguin is 1.1 foot in front of the door. The dog is facing the penguin. A small penguin is 1 foot in front of the door. It is facing the dog
Tags:  ##HD  #someonesBeenAtMeCheese 
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Nanook  (5/4/2019) 
Ok, I can't help but wonder where you keep you cheese?
Nanook  (5/4/2019) 
BTW I love the scene and as always the lighting is super!
watcher570  (5/5/2019) 
Aye up lad , grand scene!
nheiges  (5/5/2019) 
Great scene and film! I never knew how menacing a penguin could be.
hedgehog1965  (5/5/2019) 
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