Making a summer splash

Input text: There is a clear jellyfish. the jellyfish leans 180 degrees to the back. The ground is white. The sky is white. there is a shiny strawberry. The strawberry is 6 inches in the jellyfish. the strawberry leans 30 degrees to the right. A very small shiny pineapple is to the left of the strawberry. the pineapple is 10 inches in the jellyfish. The pineapple leans 35 degrees to the left. A very small shiny banana is behind the pineapple. the banana is 7 inches in the jellyfish.
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Effects: Contrast, Contrast, Saturation, Normalize
KAWE  (10 days ago) 
Nanook  (9 days ago) 
so tropical! :-)
tane69  (7 days ago) 
love it
KAWE  (7 days ago) 
nheiges  (6 days ago) 
opalduck  (6 days ago) 
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