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Trying to reach out

Input text: 
a shiny star.the star is 50 feet deep.the star is 30 feet wide.a tiny white man is -1.6 feet above the star.the star is fantasy.a shiny bridge is left of the star.it is facing west.the bridge is rock.pale shadow plane.the man is face up.a rust light is 1 feet above the man.a shiny aqua dwarf palm is behind the man.it is tiny.a small clear purple cube is left of the man.it is above the man.the cube is facing southeast.a tiny clear mauve cross is in front of the man.a clear violet small sphere is 1 feet right of the man.it is above the man.
##getty  ##HD 
Effects: Saturation
Attributions: Getty Images, cross by watcher570
Nanook  (5/10/2019) 
this is absolutely beautiful!!
nheiges  (5/10/2019) 
lovely colors
Nanook  (5/10/2019) 
@watcher570 am I missing a real need for you to be heard by reaching out?
watcher570  (5/11/2019) 
@Nanook sometimes I feel like I'm losing my faith in the human race
Nanook  (5/11/2019) 
@watcher570 I know all too well how discouraging things seem at times and yes especially the acts of the human race. I thought maybe you could use a little dose of hope that could help you keep your faith. :-) https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/good-news/paying-it-forward-a-small-gift-tucked-into-a-book-sets-off-a-chain-of-random-acts-of-kindness/ar-AAB97fU
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