lonely party: beginnings

Input text: There is a reflective alien. The ground is shiny black. The sky is black. A reflective pool is 50 feet in front of the alien. the pool is 15 feet to the right of the alien. the pool is 3 feet in the ground. A very large pink light is above the pool. A small shiny green palm tree is to the right of the pool. a 12 foot tall reflective purple plant is 1 foot in the pool. a very giant purple shiny brain is 17 feet to the left of the palm tree. the brain is 1 foot above the ground. A 7 foot tall shiny cyan eye is 1 feet above the brain. the eye is facing the alien. The camera light is lavender. A very large cyan light is behind the pool. A large blue light is behind the palm tree. The sun is blue.
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nheiges  (5/13/2019) 
Love the colors!
Nanook  (5/13/2019) 
very cool!
hedgehog1965  (5/13/2019) 
Eye agree
KAWE  (5/13/2019) 
eye too
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