Totter's Yard, May 2019
"Yes, can I help you?"

Input text: A shiny bench is 6 feet high and 5 feet wide and 5 feet deep. A Gallifrey person is in front of the bench. Ground is black. It is 40% shiny. A large wall is 4 feet left of the bench. It is facing east. It is 20 feet wide image-14394. Camera light is dim cyan. Ambient light is black. 3 dim lights are right of and -2 feet above the bench. A red light is above and behind the person. The sun is black. A navy light is behind and right of the bench. A huge red wall is 20 feet right of the bench. It is facing east. A small alien is 2 feet in front of the person. The alien is facing north.
Tags:  ##HD  #2SecondsLater 
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Effects: Brightness
watcher570  (5/13/2019) 
and nice to see it in colour :-)
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