Goodbye Stranger
It’s been nice.

Input text: There is a woman. The image-14395 backdrop. a large shiny silver sword is in front of the woman. The sword is 3 feet above the ground. A reflective cat is 3 feet to the left of the woman. The cat is 2 feet above the ground. A large cyan light is in front and to the left of the woman. The camera light is purple. The sun is cyan.
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Nanook  (5/13/2019) 
Oh, I hope that this isn't an indication that you are leaving us. I love your individual style and miss you when you aren't rendering. As always your scene is spectacular!
opalduck  (5/13/2019) 
Oh no no no I’m not leaving! Just some song lyrics that I’ve got stuck in my head! But thank you for liking my stuff so much! I about died that was so sweet and I love your stuff too!
Nanook  (5/13/2019) 
Oh Thank goodness, that was a relief and it made me smile with happy tears.
nheiges  (5/14/2019) 
Beautiful and powerful!
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