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The Lonely Prisoner
I have looked at her from my prison window, when I could not bear her light. I have looked at her when it has been such torture to me to think of her shining upon what I had lost . . . (Dr. Manette)

Input text: 
a 2 foot tall matte black prison door is -.4 foot above and behind a 1st flat [brick] wall. a 2nd flat [brick] wall is -10 feet left of and -.01 foot above the 1st wall. a 3rd flat [brick] wall is -9.1 feet right of and -.01 foot above the 1st wall.a 4th flat [brick] wall is 1.57 feet above the 1st wall. it leans 1 degree to the front. it is noon. sun is dark ink blue. ground is ink blue. sky is ink blue. a ghost white moon is 15 feet behind and -1 foot above the door. a ghost white light is in front of the moon. a 5 foot tall white smoke man is -4 foot above and in front of the 1st wall. he is -1.5 foot left of the 3rd wall. he faces the moon. camera light is black. a big light is left of the man. ambient light is iron gray.
Brightness, Saturation, Brightness, Brightness
watcher570 (2019) 
so cool!
nheiges (2019) 
thanks - I'm reading the book again after many many many years
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