The Centaur Brothers

Input text: a 1st 3.5 foot tall flat silver cube is in front of and -3.85 foot left of a 1st 6 foot tall brown statue. a 1st big brown horse is 15 feet in front of the cube. it faces back. sky is dodger blue. camera light is black. ground is grass. a 2nd brown horse is behind and .5 feet left of the statue. it faces the statue. a 2nd 3 foot tall and 3 foot wide flat silver cube is in front of and -3 foot right of and -3 feet above the 2nd horse. a big brown man is 6 feet in front of and -7.75 feet above and -6.37 feet right of the cube. he faces northeast. a brown 1.5 foot tall hand is -.1 foot beneath and -1.28 foot right of the 2nd cube. background is [forest]. sun is ivory.
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Effects: Brightness, Canvas texture
Attributions: Getty Images
KAWE  (6/1/2019) 
Just one Centaur in the park

watcher570  (6/1/2019) 
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