Quantum jump
Schrödinger's cat can be saved

Input text: a [brick] stair.a 70 inch tall 1st cat is -80 inch above the stair.the 1st cat is -90 inch right of the stair.the 1st cat is facing east.a huge [brick] wall is behind the stair.a 110 inch tall and 110 inch wide and 10 inch deep clear white sphere is 20 inch right of the stair.a 2nd 50 inch tall shiny cat is -80 inch above the sphere.the 2nd cat is facing east.ground is black.two gainsboro lights are in front of the sphere.two blue lights are 80 inch above the 1st cat.a black light is in front of the wall.camera light is gainsboro.
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Effects: Invert, Invert, Saturation, Sharpen
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