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Input text: 
A man is behind an ass. Bedroom backdrop. A tiny bottle is to the left of the man. A bottle is to the right of the man. The exclamation mark is 5 feet above man.
Attributions: Getty Images
KAWE  (6/6/2019) 
very nice "firsty"
DamnitBooby  (6/6/2019) 
So much for the explanation mark.
zamchick  (6/6/2019) 
zamchick  (6/6/2019) 
You'd have to type, the "!" is 5 feet above the man. (though that would put it pretty far out of this scene i think.)
watcher570  (6/6/2019) 
Nanook  (6/6/2019) 

Just lower it and there you go :-) and since there is a exclamation mark in the library you don't have to put it in quotation marks. It was there in the scene it was just to high above the head to be seen without zooming out.
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