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Dogs' Day Out

Input text: 
a gold light is in front of a 1st dog. shadow plane is invisible. a 2nd dog is 7.2 feet right of and -2 feet above the dog. it faces southeast. a 4 foot wide and 4 foot deep and .01 foot tall square is 4 feet in front of and 2 feet left of the dog. it is .3 foot wide [pattern]. it leans 5 degrees to the back. a large dull gray bowl is -.15 foot above the square. it leans 5 degrees to the back. a 1.4 foot wide [water] circle is -.2 foot above the bowl. it leans 5 degrees to the back. a bone is in front of and right of the bowl. it faces southwest. it leans 95 degrees to the back. it is -.05 foot above the square. a 3rd dog is right of and -1 foot in front of the square. it faces the bone. a 4th dog is 1 feet behind and 3.5 feet left of the dog. it faces northeast. it is above the square. a 5th dog is 7 feet right of the dog. it faces southwest. a 6th dog is 2.5 feet deep. it is 1.9 feet above and 1.7 foot right of the 1st dog. it faces southeast. sun is gold. ambient light is old gold.
Saturation, Sharpen, Contrast, Contrast
Scene credits:
bone (Vignette)
DamnitBooby (2019) 
Sir, if you could please get your dog off of the roof of the children's playground, that'd be swell.
nheiges (2019) 
Sorry, that's not my dog. :-)
boneybird (2019) 
dogs dogs everywhere
nheiges (2019) 
nice to see you @boneybird :-)
watcher570 (2019) 
make it quick guy's the cat's are on their way! :-)
Nanook (2019) 
nheiges (2019) 

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