Elephant & Entourage

Input text: a big stone elephant. sun is black. a linen light is in front of the elephant. a gold light is behind the elephant. a pink light is right of the elephant. a wildness light is left of the elephant. camera light is black. a large stone hippo is -6 feet left of and -4 feet in front of the elephant. it faces southeast. a stone giraffe is -4 feet in front of and -6 feet right of the elephant. it faces southwest. backdrop is stone.
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Effects: Brightness
watcher570  (6/10/2019) 
nice lighting
hedgehog1965  (6/10/2019) 
Nanook  (6/10/2019) 
African Campfire Tales
Forgive me @nheiges I couldn't resist :-)

Nanook  (6/10/2019) 
great scene btw :-)
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