Input text: The [scene] backdrop. the woman's dress is blue. sun is black. ambient light is blanched almond.
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Effects: Meme
KAWE  (6/14/2019) 
Al Green as a Viking :-)
nheiges  (6/14/2019) 
Or David Byrne :-)
Nanook  (6/14/2019) 
washing me down :-)
hedgehog1965  (6/15/2019) 
My dad used to have an animatronic fish on his wall that sung this song :-)
Nanook  (6/15/2019) 
@hedgehog1965 that singing bass was quite popular for a while :-DD
nheiges  (6/15/2019) 
I've only heard the bass sing "Achy Breaky Heart" - your dad's was way better, @hedgehog1965 :-)
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