It's gonna take an ocean . . .

Input text: a dull pink ocean. a boy is -3 feet above the ocean. an ivy is above and -1 foot left of the boy. sun is black. ambient light is pink. a 100 foot tall wildness bottle is behind and above the ocean. the bottle is 10 foot right of the boy. a 20 foot tall and 45 foot wide and 45 foot deep circle is -10 feet above the bottle.
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watcher570  (7/11/2019) 
Nanook  (7/11/2019) 
of calamine lotion...that sucks.
nheiges  (7/11/2019) 
I had just a small reaction, but I did have to buy the pink stuff for the first time in years and years. They make a clear version now, but I chose pink for the nostalgia. :-)
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