Input text: There is a large shiny salmon room. a very small shiny blue dinosaur is 11 feet in the room. a marble is 10 feet in front of the dinosaur. a shiny pond is behind the marble. a 1st small shiny green plant is 10.5 feet behind the marble. a 2nd large shiny green plant is 11 feet behind the marble. the 2nd plant is 2 inches in the ground. a shiny white pyramid is 10.5 feet behind the marble. the pyramid is 2 feet above the ground. a blue light is to the left of the dinosaur.
Tags:  ##HD 
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Effects: Contrast, Normalize
nheiges  (7/14/2019) 
dino with feathers - pretty!
Nanook  (7/15/2019) 
It's always wonderful to see/hear from you and to see you .. :-)
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