The meeting

Input text: a clear white "x".the "x" is 15 feet deep.the "x" is 20 feet wide.the "x" is 10 feet tall.the "x" is face up.a 3 feet tall alien is -15 feet above the "x".clear ground.a pink light is above the alien.a 20 feet tall shiny sun symbol is right of the "x".the ground is 145 feet tall.the sky is fantasy.the sun symbol is [abstract].the sun symbol is facing left.a blue light is 1 inches in front of the alien.a lightning bolt is above the alien.the sky is upside down.a rust light is in front of the sun symbol.
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KAWE  (7/17/2019) 
nheiges  (7/17/2019) 
"To aliens other aliens no doubt appear different." - JRR Tolkein paraphrase :-)
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