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C'etait un petit navire d'Espagne
Another French folk song

Input text: 
a hat is -.2 foot above a person. his apron is black. he is on a [spanish] ship. the ship is 5 feet in the ground. he faces back. sky is 4500 foot wide water. ground is clear. 3 gold lights are above and behind the person. camera light is black. sun is 30% dim.
Contrast, Sharpen, Saturation, Contrast, Brightness, Brightness
Nanook (2019) 
Hmm Sailor, it's what's for dinner :-) Nice image !
hedgehog1965 (2019) 
Made me think of a song I learned at school ("Napoléon avait cinq cent soldats")
nheiges (2019) 
I remember that one too - probably from high school French class :-)
watcher570 (2019) 
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