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The Tiny Voice In The Back Of His Head

Input text: 
ground is visible. a 6 feet wide and 3 feet deep and 2 feet tall black cube is -1 feet above the ground. it faces southeast. ground is 5 feet wide water. a polar bear is on the cube. it faces northeast. backdrop. a man is 1 feet right of the cube. the tie of the man is red. the suit of the man is black.a head is -1.4 feet above and -1 feet in front of and -2.32 feet left of the man. Gold 5 inch tall and 5.5 feet wide "POLAR BEAR EXTINCT c. 2020" is -8 inch above and -4 feet in front of and -6.5 feet left of the cube. it faces southeast. a 7 inch tall man is -1.2 feet left of and -1.39 feet above and -1.1 feet in front of the man. a 1.4 inch tall head is -1.63 inch above and -.34 inch in front of and -4.34 inch left of the man.it leans right.a 2 feet tall and 2 feet wide white cylinder is 4 feet behind and -8 feet left of the cube. a penguin is on the cylinder. a 12 feet deep and 4 feet wide and 2 feet tall gold cube is -13 feet in front of and 20 feet left of the cube. a wooly mammoth is .1 inch above and -8 feet behind the gold cube. it faces back.a coral light is on the wooly mammoth. a lavender light is on the polar bear. the ambient light is igloo blue. the sun is straw yellow. camera light is azure blue
##HD  #trump 
Effects: Talk Balloon, Thought Bubble, Cracked paint, Sharpen
Attributions (3D models): head
hedgehog1965  (8/13/2019) 
A stark prediction - well done Donald
nheiges  (8/13/2019) 
One of many evils. . . :-(
KAWE  (8/14/2019) 
watcher570  (8/14/2019) 
good one!
Nanook  (8/14/2019) 
thanks y'all, he's is a very scary individual :-Z
lespaulguy  (8/15/2019) 
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