Mirror neurons II

Input text: a 100 inch tall and 90 inch deep and 20 inch wide head.the head is 100 inch tall tree.six red lights are in front of the head.ground is invisible.sky is delft blue.a 1st 200 inch tall and 150 inch wide flat clear white mirror is -40 inch in front of the head.the 1st mirror is facing southwest.a 2nd 200 inch tall and 140 inch wide clear white flat mirror is -45 inch right of the 1st mirror.the 3nd mirror is facing north.the 1st mirror is -150 inch above the head.six orange lights are 50 inch above the head.
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Effects: Canvas texture, Cracked paint, Color-emboss, Sharpen
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watcher570  (8/17/2019) 
hedgehog1965  (8/17/2019) 
Nice; Magritte-esque
nheiges  (8/17/2019) 
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