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Message In a Bottle

Input text: 
A giraffe fits in a black bottle. It is leaning 10 degrees to the back. It is -2.8 inch in front of the bottle. Bottle backdrop. A 6 feet high giraffe is 28 feet left of and 18 feet behind the bottle. It is facing east. A 5 feet high giraffe is 3 feet right of the giraffe. It is facing southeast. The sun is silver. Camera light is black. A light is 2 feet left of and 35 feet in front of the giraffe. 2 dim lights are right of the bottle. A small anteater is 5 feet right of the giraffe. A 2 feet high wolf is 5 feet left of and in front of the giraffe. It is facing east. The altitude of the sun is 30 degrees. The azimuth of the sun is 280 degrees. A small white table is 1.5 feet left of the giraffe. A small white chair is behind the table. A large flower is on the table. It is -6 inch right of the table. A 50% dark khaki bottle is 4 inch left of the flower.
Fuzzy border, Contrast, Color-emboss
nheiges (2019) 
Nicely done!
watcher570 (2019) 
very nice
Nanook (2019) 
totally cool!
hedgehog1965 (2019) 
Thanks all!
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