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Taking On Water

Input text: 
a 12 feet tall and 6 feet wide and 30 feet long caboose is -.2 feet above a 200 feet long and 8 feet wide track. the rail of the track is [metal]. 1st railroad flatcar is 14 feet long and 6 feet wide and -.4 feet behind the caboose.a 2 feet tall 2 inch wide and 2 inch deep [metal] cube is -.5 feet behind and -11.2 feet above the caboose. 1st pallet is -5.5 feet in front of and on the flatcar. it faces left. 1st large wood barrel is on the pallet. 2nd wood barrel is .5 feet behind the 1st pallet. 2nd pallet is .1 feet behind the 2nd barrel. it faces left. a crate is on the 2nd pallet. it faces right. the deck of the flatcar is wood. the wall of the caboose is wood. cattlecar is -.1 feet behind the flatcar. 1st horse is -4 feet above and -6 feet in front of the cattlecar. it faces southeast. 2nd horse is -4 feet above and -12 feet in front of the cattlecar.it faces southwest. the water tank is -2 feet left of and -10 feet behind the 2nd barrel. it is on the ground. it faces the right.a 5 feet tall man is -9.7 feet right of and -12 feet above and -11 feet to the front of the water tank. he faces southeast. ambient light is coral.camera light is dim orange. sage green light is 10 feet right of and above the 1st horse.
##HD  #oldwest 
Effects: Saturation, Illustration, Contrast
Attributions: cattlecar,... by Nanook and , water tank,... by Nanook
hedgehog1965  (9/1/2019) 
Nice progression :-)
nheiges  (9/1/2019) 
watcher570  (9/2/2019) 
nice one
Nanook  (9/2/2019) 
thanks y'all :-)
mohapn15  (9/5/2019) 
This is amazing!
Nanook  (9/6/2019) 
thanks again, it took a little doin' but it came together :-DD
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