tipping the scales

Input text: silver scale is on the big shiny lavender cube. 0.4 foot tall matte texture skull is -5 inch in front of scale and -0.6 foot to left. skull is -0.2 foot above scale. skull is leaning -50 degrees to ground. backdrop is pool. 0.21 foot tall matte texture die is -6 inch in front of scale and -0.45 foot to right. die is -0.12 foot above scale. die is leaning 35 degrees to the northeast. shiny teal hand is -2 inch above die and -2 inch to right. hand is leaning 125 degrees to ground. small shiny lavender window is 1 inch behind cube and 1 foot above ground. window is -1.512 foot to left. white lily is 1 inch behind scale's pin and -0.2 foot above scale. white lily's stem is shiny lilac. white lily's leaf is shiny lilac. small shiny teal hand plane is 1 inch in front of scale and -4 inch to left.
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KAWE  (9/3/2019) 
Nanook  (9/3/2019) 
this is sick !! welcome back you've been missed :-)
nheiges  (9/3/2019) 
that is great!
lespaulguy  (9/3/2019) 
The house always wins
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