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a 200 feet long railroad track. the rail of the track is shiny [metal].the tie of the track is shiny. a man is -30 feet in front of the track. he faces back. a gun is -.9 feet behind and -1.6 feet left of and -3.6 feet above the man. it faces northeast. it leans to the back.the hat of the man is black.the shirt of the man is black.the shoe of the man is black. the hair of the man is black.a -1.3 feet tall and 1.2 feet wide and 1 feet deep black table is -3.91 feet above and .1 inch in front of and -1.5 feet left of the man. the ground is gravel. 1st huge clear flame is 60 feet behind and 5 feet left of the man.a orange light is behind the flame. 2nd huge clear flame is 3 feet left of the 1st flame. a yellow light is -.6 feet above and behind the flame. camera light is black. a gray light is behind and -3 feet above the man.sun's azimuth is 5 degrees. the sun's altitude is 10 degrees. ambient light is old gold. the sun is ochre brown. 1st 50 feet long and 13 feet tall pole is 7 feet right of the track. it faces left. 2nd 50 feet long and 13 feet tall pole is in front of the 1st pole. it faces left. ground is 10 feet tall.
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Yes, fantastic! Makes me want to see that show!
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