Private parking zone

Input text: a 2000 inch tall and 1500 inch wide wall.a 100 inch tall car is 40 inch in front of the wall.the car is facing west.the car is 40 inch wide [dirt].the wall is 300 inch tall [pavement].ground is [pavement].a 1st 250 inch tall palm is -70 inch left of the car.a 2nd 250 inch tall palm is -90 inch right of the car.
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Effects: Contrast, Hue, Saturation, Cracked paint, Hue, Contrast, Saturation, Solarize, Sharpen
nheiges  (9/4/2019) 
Excellent parallel parking! :-)
coyne  (9/4/2019) 
yes, a highly skilled driver!
watcher570  (9/4/2019) 
Nanook  (9/4/2019) 
rubber bumpers perhaps? good one :-)
hedgehog1965  (9/4/2019) 
This is how they park in Paris - City of Dents :-)
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