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the 2.5 feet tall penguin is on the television. the television is 6 feet tall. the penguin is 20% transparent. the tiny ink blue illuminator is in the penguin. the giant brick wall is 50 feet wide. it is behind the television. the huge picture is behind the penguin. it is 4 feet to the left of the penguin. the tiny cyan illuminator is 5 feet in front of the television. the couch is 7 feet in front of the television. it is facing the television. the couch is fabric. the floor lamp is 12 feet to the left of the television. it is 9 feet tall. the small tangerine illuminator is in the floor lamp. the woman is is behind the couch. the woman is facing the television. the woman is dull. the table is 1 feet to the right of the couch. the table is wood. the cream lamp is on the table. the small apricot illuminator is in the lamp. the small shiny bottle is next to the lamp. it is white. the scene-6895 picture is in front of the television. it is 1.6 feet wide. it is 1.7 feet above the ground. the ground is rug texture. it is dark. it is hazy. the yellow illuminator is 13 feet above the woman. the camera light is black.
#interior #tv #exercise 
coyne (legacy) 
cool! I love the expansive feel of the brick wall with the painting and lamp light etc. must partly be the camera angle -- amazing to have that much sense of space in a relatively small picture.
dk (legacy) 
thanks! i'm curious to learn how the scale of various objects works. if the penguin is 2.5 feet tall, and the t.v. is 6 feet tall in the description, why are they almost the same height in the rendered image?
coyne (legacy) 
i was puzzled when i saw that...until i looked more closely. the television has an antena that is counted as part of the height. I think it should probably ignore that.
dk (legacy) 
ahh, sooo... that would do it.
Zamchick (legacy) 
Great use of patterns! Putting a tiny blue illuminator in the penguin is a nice highlight.
Zamchick (legacy) 
I think "Jane Fonda" should be on the TV screen!
dk (legacy) 
Jane Fonda indeed! That is precisely what I was thinking but was too lazy to search for her likeness. Feel like giving it a go? I actually have a slightly updated, better final render of this scene. Is it possible to swap them so as not to have both in the gallery?
coyne (legacy) 
can't swap...but you just add the new one in and remove the old one.

The comments on the old one (all of the above) will remain as a Forum Topic, so it'll live on in the Forum.
dk (legacy) 
p.s. the penguin is a slightly obscure reference to a Monty Pythons sketch.
- "what's a penguin doing on the telly?"
- "standing...."
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