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a [abstract] symbol is -.1 inch above a 2.4 inch wide and 2.4 inch deep and .3 inch tall [abstract] cube.a gold tiny sphere is -9.5 inches above the symbol.gallery backdrop.pale shadow plane. a 1st .45 foot tall person is -.15 foot left of and -12.5 inch above the symbol. a 2nd .65 foot tall person is -.2 inch in front of and -.1 inch right of the 1st person. he faces left. he leans 30 degrees to the front. a point light is on the 2nd person. a 1.4 inch tall hand is -9.4 inches above and -.08 inch in front of the symbol. it faces left. it leans 67 degrees to the front.
Effects: Talk Balloon, Sharpen, Contrast
Attributions: Getty Images, Suspension by watcher570
nheiges  (9/26/2019) 
watcher570  (9/26/2019) 
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