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Oh Nuts

Input text: 
a squirrel. 1st .2 feet tall walnut is -.5 feet above and -.1 feet in front of the squirrel. backdrop is tree. 2nd .19 feet tall coffee brown walnut is .3 feet left of and .2 feet in front of the squirrel. shadow plane is visible. a orange point light is 1 inch above the 2nd walnut.
Effects: Contrast, Color-emboss, Color-emboss
Attributions: Getty Images, walnut, n... by Nanook and , walnut, n... by Nanook
watcher570  (10/4/2019) 
:-) often see a squirrel running down the road with a walnut in her mouth
nheiges  (10/4/2019) 
so cute :-) and nice walnut!
hedgehog1965  (10/4/2019) 
I'm nuts about red squirrels - bit rare these days though
Nanook  (10/4/2019) 
thanks and @hedgehog1965 they're pretty plentiful around here. I have one that loves to eat my purslane so I am reconciled to plant a huge pot just for his dining pleasure and my viewing pleasure. I'll have to see if I can find the pic of the culprit :-DDD
nheiges  (10/5/2019) 
Purslane! That's the word I've been trying to come up with. I have a pot of it on the deck and it blooms non-stop, it's just gorgeous. And it hasn't attracted any squirrels. I knew it started with a "p". . . :-)
Nanook  (10/5/2019) 
purslane is a must for me each year because it does bloom nonstop. I have to replant each year because the squirrel makes sure to harvest it so well through the summer :-DD
Nanook  (10/5/2019) 

this was a scene I did awhile back about this little guy :-) it was in response to your scene (@nheiges).
nheiges  (10/5/2019) 
Oh, right, I remember that! I didn't know what purslane was at that time, so I didn't remember the word. I just bought my plant in the spring :-D.
nheiges  (10/5/2019) 
a quick attempt at using WE on the phone

Nanook  (10/5/2019) 
looks pretty good :-)
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