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Sometimes a Sofa Just Isn't Enough

Input text: 
Ground is 30 feet wide [square]. A sofa is right of and 6 inch behind a dark table. A 65% dark white rhinoceros is 1 foot in front of and -2 feet left of the sofa. It is facing the sofa. A very wide large 30% dark [sky] wall is 5 feet behind the sofa. A silver sphere is on the table. A shiny wide door is -30 feet left of and -7 inch in front of the wall. A very wide large dark [sky] wall is -8 feet left of the wall. It is facing east. A cabinet is 21 feet left of and in front of the table. It is facing east. A large cabinet is behind the cabinet. It is facing east. A large cabinet is 4.5 feet in front of the cabinet. It is facing east. A 0.2 inch high 60% dark [rug] rug is left of the sofa. The ground is 50% dark. A man is -1 foot behind the sofa. He is facing the rhinoceros. Camera light is black. A cream light is 4 feet above the cabinet. A navy light is behind and right of and above the rhinoceros.
Brightness, Mottled
watcher570 (2019) 
In this case it maybe :-)
nheiges (2019) 
nice :-)
KAWE (2019) 
yes take a bigger sofa :-)
hedgehog1965 (2019) 
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