Build your scenes a sentence at a time. Use ADD SENTENCE to help compose your text.
Describe the position of two objects and then hit DISPLAY.
The man is left of the couch.
Add more sentences.
A dog is on the couch. The couch is blue.
Template Mode allows text in your scene to be edited in a structured way. You can exit Template Mode if you need to directly enter and edit text.
Adjust view with ROTATE, PAN, ZOOM.
Swap objects (and backgrounds) in the SCENE OBJECTS tab. 
Finish scene with FINAL RENDER.
Add 2D effects and share.
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The trick to making scenes is to place one object in relation to another, using different sizes, distances, and other properties.

Avoid metaphorical language, complex actions or poses, or parts of objects (e.g. body parts or types of clothing).

Use words like on, next to and above to position objects. You can use distances too. 
The dog is to the right of the football. The red bowl is 6 inches in front of the ball.

You can apply colors, materials, shininess, glass, textures and photos to objects. 
A [cloud] chair is 2 feet in front of the large dog.
The chair is facing back. The large silver sphere is a foot to the left of the dog.

Clicking and dragging on the scene changes the 3D viewpoint. To center an object, just click without dragging. The camera strip below the scene lets you jump directly to a 3D view. 

You can change sizes (e.g. big, small) or directions (e.g. facing right or east, or toward an object) 
The bowl is 6 inches in front of the dog. The extremely tiny man is in the bowl. The 9 inch tall bug is 6 inches to the right of the bowl. It is facing the man.

You can choose alternative objects (e.g. a different man and bug) from the SCENE OBJECTS menu  
The extremely tiny man is in the marble bowl. The large bug is to the right of the bowl...

You can use a photo or other image as a full-frame backdrop to any scene. Backdrops stay fixed in position. They don't move as you change the 3D viewpoint
The ocean backdrop. The dog is right of the man.

"Quoted" words become 3D TEXT objects. They are part of the scene and can be positioned like other objects.

In addition, 2D TEXT can be manually added as a post-process, along with other "2D effects" on any finished rendered scene.
The man is on the cliff. The huge "LIFE?" is one foot above the man. It is 7 feet deep.

Verbs and poses
WordsEye has posed characters to represent a few simple action verbs such as walk, run, kick, dance. These are sometimes linked to Premium-level characters, but others are also on freely available characters.
The man is running in the garden...

Final render and 2D post-processing effects.
When your scene is finished, you can do a FINAL RENDER and then manually apply 2D effects (including text and talk balloons). You can also link scenes together into Stories.

You can animate your camera to create a GIF movie