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"A cat is one foot to the right of a sofa.
The cat has a Matisse texture..."

About WordsEye

WordsEye™ is a web and mobile application that allows you to literally Type a Picture™ by creating 3D scenes from a plain English description. It's a new way to turn your imagination into images and to create art, memes, greeting cards, cartoons, visual stories, and more.

You create images in WordsEye by describing, in plain English, how objects and characters are placed in 3D space and what they look like (size, color, posture, lighting...). The result is a 3D scene that can be viewed from any camera angle.

WordsEye offers thousands of 3D models and 2D images for free use and premium content for purchase. You can also personalize your scenes by uploading your own photos or importing them from Facebook.

Once you have created a scene, you can apply 2D effects to it, give it a title, and share it to anywhere on the web. WordsEye Scenes can easily be changed by editing the language you used to create them. Your friends can create their own scenes in response and engage in online visual banter -- an entirely new way to interact with visual content.

WordsEye bridges the historic gap between verbal and visual expression and can make anyone a 3D artist.

The WordsEye site is now open for early beta testing. Please sign-up now! We will be inviting people from the sign-up list over the next couple months.

Text-to-Scene Technology

We have been developing WordsEye's proprietary text-to-scene technology for more than a decade, most recently as NSF-funded language processing research at Columbia University.

WordsEye lets you type pictures by parsing text input into a semantic representation which is in turn translated into a 3D scene. This process relies on a large database of linguistic and world knowledge about objects, their parts, and their properties.

These scenes are then rendered into pictures. A large variety of image filters can be applied to rendered scenes to give them a different look and feel.

WordsEye is a web application that requires no special software or plug-ins. All computation is done on our robust and scalable cloud infrastructure. High-quality images are produced using raytracing on state-of-the art GPU hardware.

A mobile app for iPhone and Android will also be available.
WordsEye's unique technology uses advanced natural language processing and cloud raytracing to turn language into 3D scenes

Who We Are

WordsEye Inc was founded in 2013 to make the imaginative power of 3D graphics available to everyone on the web. We have used advanced language processing and computer graphics to create a revolutionary new software product and service.

Our team of innovators consists of engineers, researchers, marketers, and product designers. We have extensive experience in natural language processing, computer graphics, software product development, web-based services, and business/market strategies. Our world-class board of advisors and our initial seed investor are leaders in entrepreneurship, industry, and academia.

The team participated in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship program at the Columbia Business School and is a member of the Columbia Entrepreneurs Lab. WordsEye won the grand prize at the 2013 New York State Business Plan Competition. We presented as an Alpha Pitch Company at DEMO Mobile 2013 and at the New York Tech Meetup.
Gary Zamchick Gary Zamchick (Founder)
Bob Coyne Bob Coyne (Founder)
Daniel Bauer Daniel Bauer (Founder)
VP Engineering & Research
Phil Chu Phil Chu
VP Mobile Technologies