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I Met My Love by the Gas Works Wall

Input text: 
A businessman businessman is leaning 5 degrees to the front. Camera light is black. An orange light is left of the man. A maroon light is right of the man. A clear building is 6 inch behind the man. A dark buzzard is 25 feet above the man. It is facing southwest. A dark eagle is 4 feet left of and -3 feet behind the buzzard. A bird is 4 feet in front of and below the buzzard. It is leaning left. It is facing east. A large bird is 3 feet above and -1.7 foot right of the bird. It is leaning 40 degrees to the right. A woman is 6 feet behind and above the man. The sun is cream.
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Attributions (3D models): businessman
Attributions: Getty Images
watcher570  (10/30/2019) 
nice scene and a great song
nheiges  (10/30/2019) 
Took me a second to see her reflection - a nice surprise when I did. :-) It's a great song, I agree!
Nanook  (10/30/2019) 
as always ..incredible :-)
KAWE  (10/31/2019) 
hedgehog1965  (10/31/2019) 

Thanks - almost a true story; I remember walking past here on the second date with my (now) wife...
nheiges  (11/2/2019)