Input text: a vehicle is on a 6 foot wide and 6 foot deep rug. the vehicle's body is [wood]. a small toy is -.5 feet above and -1 foot behind the vehicle. 1st good sienna wood wall is 1 foot behind the vehicle. 2nd nice sienna wood wall faces right. it is -.1 foot in front of and -8 feet right of the 1st wall. it is night. a lemon light is 3 feet above and in front of the toy. camera light is black. a tiny peach light is -.2 feet in front of and .5 feet above the toy. ambient light is -20% dim.
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watcher570  (11/7/2019) 
coyne  (11/7/2019) 
funny you used the teddy bear.... since a second one will be added soon (with some other new models). :-)
hedgehog1965  (11/7/2019) 
nheiges  (11/8/2019) 
thanks! look forward to meeting a new bear :-)
KaleiIsTooTech  (11/8/2019) 
:-) adorable
Nanook  (11/8/2019) 
Archer  (11/8/2019) 
Mate this is terrifying
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