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Time Flies

Input text: 
The sky has a Seurat texture. The ground is shiny. The tree is on the ground. The tree is six feet tall. A large clock is ten feet to the right of the tree. A white bird is above the clock.
zamchick (legacy) 
Nice scene! You know you can go back to scene properties and add a title after the fact (if you want to.)
coyne (legacy) 
wow...very pretty!
zamchick (legacy) 
well, time barely gets off the ground :-)
sofiezamchick (legacy) 
WOW, THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Reblogging to my Tumblr!
daniel (legacy) 
This is amazing. I love the way the sky is reflected by the ground.
coyne (legacy) 
yeah. And when we get transparency, we'll have even more possibilities of this sort…eg seeing through one translucent object to another combined with the reflections and shadows.
choffmannyc (legacy) 
Ooooh ... transparency.
zamchick (legacy) 
wanted to hit a "Like" button after Christine's last comment :-)
coyne (legacy) 
yeah, we don't have likes on comments, just on scenes themselves.
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